Should Christians listen to worldly music?

August 25, 2010 § 1 Comment

There are many issues going on the world but one of the things that a lot of people over look is this controversy of whether or not we as Christians should listen to music that doesn’t praise God. First let me start by saying that this is just my opinion of the matter. I’m not saying that Christians should or should not take what I say and listen to music of the world. I’m going to elaborate on the matter and try my best to make it as informative as possible.

What we Christians need to keep in mind is that the bible said things of this world are either of God or of the devil. There is no real gray area going on here. Harsh but it’s the truth. I have to tell the truth, this was hard to me to fathom when I first became a Christian because I didn’t think that every non-Christian was only about bad intentions. But the bible also says that a person can do all kinds of good deeds but if they don’t accept Jesus as their Lord and savior then they are still doomed to an eternity in hell. Sad, but once again, its the truth.

Now, bible says in all that we do we should do it to glorify God. Makes sense. The meaning behind being a Christian is to be  Christ-like. We have to set good examples for other christians and well, really everybody. I could sit here all day and talk about how many Christians are making the rest of us look bad by saying and preaching one thing while doing another. But, lets get to matter at hand.

Music. It’s a big part of most of the world’s cultures. Whether it be the beat of a drum or a whole symphony of instruments. People have always been drawn to music and rhythm because it makes us sing, dance, and feel whatever emotion that music was intended for. We have different kinds and genres of music that vary from hip-hop to country to new age. But what is considered to be acceptable to a Christian? Let’s take it back even further.

The bible tells us that the devil was once God’s right-hand man. God was going to give him so much power but the devil, being the devil, wanted more. Being banished from heaven, he was then pronounced the prince of this world. Whilst in heaven, let’s not forget that the devil was the angel of music. And the purpose of the devil now is to seek, kill, and destroy. He’s manipulative, sneaky, and deceiving. He has ways of fooling people who don’t know the truth. But if you study your bible, the truth will surely set you free.

Knowing that the devil is….all that he is. We [Christians] have to be careful and not let our guards down. We tend to do that a lot when it comes to the type of music we listen to. Think of it like this; our body is a temple in which our soul resides that has to be kept clean and polished, but if we suddenly allow an influx of negativity and evil to come into it, our temple can be destroyed and our souls can be injured. In regards to music, we need to be selective. I’m not saying any music besides gospel is wrong. The bible says nothing against listening to music that isn’t solely praising the Lord. But at the same time we have to use our common sense, if the songs we are listening to is talking about things you don’t agree with then simply turn if off. If the songs are talking about things that contradict your Christian morals, turn it off. But before you even get to that point you have to learn to pay attention to what it is you’re allowing yourself to listen to. Don’t simply go by how nice the beat sounds because that could just the the devil sugar coating the message he is trying to deliver.

Christian or not, you know it’s true. You hear songs on the radio that deliberately say satanic or things pertaining to the illuminati. To a Christian or person who is ignorant to these things, they can be easily deceived. I don’t want to name any artists or songs in particular but if we work in improving our spiritual eyesight then we can easily tell when something is wrong.

I think that this is a personal decision of a Christian whether or not they decide to listen to worldly music or not. I merely wanted to shed some light on the subject to raise awareness to some of the corruption going on the music industry that we blindly invite into our lives.

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